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Hai!!Para Maniac Jepang!!Di sinilah tempat untuk melakukaann apaa....aaja....asalkan itu berhubungan dengan Jepang!!!Jadi,tunggu apalagi para maniac???!!!! Buruan gabung!!O tanoshini kudasaii!!!!Ja neeee!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Gackt Profile

Name: Gackt Camui ( Kamui Gakuto )
Birthday : 1540, 4th July
Height : 180cm
Weight : 57kg ( always change ! )

Gackt said he was already 460 years old ( by gackt )
Language used : Japanese and Englisssh.French up to daily oral level.He is also learning chinese for two years.

He owns two pets,one is a dog VELL ( Beru ) and a cat MAY
Gackt LIKE...

1) Country : France ( he said he will stay in france when he is old
2) Dating ( In Domoto gackt said he has all girls phone no. in his mobile phone ! )
3) Musician : C.Debussy , Ravel ( Both are french composer )
4) Instruments : Piano ( He love Steinburg very much,i have seen that type of piano in
Hong Kong ,very expensive!)
5) Perfume brand : Platinum Egoist
6) Candle : Scent candles,he light up candles in his home instead of electric light

Gackt HATE...

1) Cockcoach : Gackt said an ideal home should not have cockroach
2) Sweety : He never drink juice
3)The foolish
4) Electric light

Pasting Time...

From 1995 to 1998, gackt camui is the vocal of Malice Mizer, lead by guitarist Mana.Jan of 1999, he officially leave malice mizer,and become a solo artist. On the right hand side is the photo of gackt in Malice Mizer. His position is vocal and piano in his band,also a beautiful prince.This is the photo i first time meet gackt,Do u think he is too cool?

To say,what is "Gackt" as i know in the solo period? He has his own style as a artist, yes,his should take time to understand him...the easist way is feeling his music. I belive u can feel his soul when u are feeling what is gackt, wholeheartly..


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