Jepang Maniac

Hai!!Para Maniac Jepang!!Di sinilah tempat untuk melakukaann apaa....aaja....asalkan itu berhubungan dengan Jepang!!!Jadi,tunggu apalagi para maniac???!!!! Buruan gabung!!O tanoshini kudasaii!!!!Ja neeee!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

NEO Pion

NEO Pion
4/27/2004 - 00:00, Mini Gallery, The Japan Foundation, Jakarta

Started in the fiscal year of 2003/2004The Japan Foundation, Jakarta has initiated a new programme, NEOPION. Through this program we invite Indonesian artists whose age are under under 35 years old to exhibit their works in our Mini Gallery.

Please fill the form, and enclosed your photograph, art work concept and photos, and your Curriculum Vitae.

Note: Please write your e-mail address for our electronic respond .
For further information please contact Donny (021) 520-1266


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