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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Shopping in Cheap Way

Shopping in Cheap Way
(May 7, 2004)

I have a new hobby now. Shopping in 100 yen shop (hyaku en shop). I can buy a lot using my spare money. Yes a man living alone needs a lot of gentle soap, if you know what I mean. And I keep running out of soap lately, thanks to the lust. Damn it, am I tired. I have to buy many soaps, toothpastes, room freshener, toilet cleaner, and other small things that a room needs.

Getting all those things in kombini costs a lot. Yes, in Daily Yamazaki, 7Eleven, Lawson, they are very expensive. But I found a cheap solution. Yes, the human best friend in Japan, 100-yen shop. It's all 100 yen. From a simple spoon, to a big frying pan. From candy, to cake. What's amazing, there are also many shops labeled Shop99. Shop 99 gives you 1 yen cheaper price than Hyaku-en Shop (100 yen shop). The goods are all given price at 99 yen.

When you buy in this shop, does it make you looks poor? Well, I don't care. In fact I am poor. And I can get many things in cheaper price. Isn't that cool to be in Japan?


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